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Toni May (Grandma)
I have been fortunate Grandmother.  I have had many opportunities to make memories with my sweet boy.  Among them are being at his school when he got high honors awards, going to his violin recital, going with him and Chris to the Ozarks to play golf with Uncle Frank, cheering at the Rams games when the team was the "Greatest Show on Turf," picking him up at Mizzou for summer break, and packing all his belongings in our two cars.  Cory you will always be my baby.  I can still hear your little voice in the morning "Dit Up Drama."
Aunt Elaine
It is hard for me to put into words all the things Cory was to me and to the family.  From the moment I first held him when he was 10 minutes old he was beloved.  He was the center of attention for all of us.  A joy. A funny, sweet child.  He made holidays fun and he was a part of everything we did.  He seemed to do everything so well in school and he was naturally athletic.  We were proud of all his achievements.  Cory and I shared a love of reading.   I could not believe how articlulate and introspective he had become when we exchanged email messages.  I loved it that Cory could be silly like we are and I always thought it was funny how he and Grandma Rosie fought like two kids when playing any game!  He was really good with kids, holding them, wrestling with them, teasing them.  I have such great memories of Cory that I hold dear.

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