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Rose Ann


 I always remember watching you with Mary Ann while you mom worked or had plans. When you were a baby I would hold you for hours. The confort you brought to our lives can never be replaced I thought of you as one of my own and treated you that way. I remember moving in with you and your moms condo and with no complaints you shared your room with Mary Ann. I often pick you up from school we went to the gym all the time and to the pool. You were a very good kid. I remember after you moved every time I called I talk to you first before you mom to catch up on what ws going on in our lives. You always had a smile on your face. Every Hallween your mom helped all of us get dressed because she was the expert she had a truck and would put hay in the back for you and Mary Ann to stay warm. I handle this with silence but I MISS YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. XOXOXOXOXOX


He came into our lives unexpected bringing joy in a way we had never experienced.  He saved me in the destructive life that I was living... he was my angel my hero.  He was a little boy with the most amazing blue eyes and blonde hair. The things he would say and do would make us all smile, laugh, and even cry. He was everyone's child somehow... all taking some kind of responsibility caring for him, just playing with him and sharing special moments with him.


 I remember how much he used to love riding his bike.  He would ride it all day long until dark. He always loved watching movies.  It was our "thing" that we did a lot together. He could do so many unique things!  Cory could juggle, walk on his hands, and even do the splits! He was an amazingly capable person.  He was always there at every birthday and every holiday and we always took for granted that he would always be around. Never did we even consider that he would be torn away from us at such a young age.


He will never be able to experience all of the things many of us have and will in life...true love, marriage, grandchildren. He will never play another game of roller hockey or play another song on his guitar. He will never be able to tease and wrestle with the kids as he would always do. He will never be able to tell me how much more he knows than me and argue with me.  Even the things that once could have been frustrating are the little things I would give anything for to have back.

 "There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept, things we don't want to know but have to learn, and the people we can't live without but have to let go".


I don't know when we will be able to let go of him...truly, but just take one day at a time hoping and praying to make it through another day.

 Cory you will be forever in our hearts and in our minds and you will never be forgotten...


Kathy Hubert

Where do I start?  Cory was born when I was 14 and Aunt Melissa was by best friend.  I was ALWAYS at the house where Cory, Sue, Toni, Elaine, Frank, and Melissa lived.  We were friend and neighbors...  Melissa babysat Cory when Sue went back to work and I was always around with Mel and Cory.  Every day we would laugh and get goofy with Cory.  He was such a sweet and happy kiddo.  That was the first baby I was really around and we had a lot of fun.  He was like a little brother and I adored him.  He was the center of attention for everyone.  I like to think that I was someone that Cory had a place in his heart for - he called me "Kaffy" for the longest time.  

One memory that sticks out for me is the time Cory was locked in Sue's car in his carseat one morning before Sue left for work.  We were all outside the car telling Cory to "unlock the door, Cory" - and he just smiled at us and thought it was the funniest thing that we were all huddled around the car window talking all sweet to him... :)  He was probably no more than 2 years old. 

I have a lot of memories when Cory was small and wished I had seen him more as he grew older.  I saw him at Mel's house in Kirkwood more than a few years ago and when he saw me, he gave me a big hug and was still his same, sweet self.  I couldn't believe he was driving and was taller than me.  He grew into a fine young man....

I always have remembered him each year on his birthday and think about how the years go by so fast.  Cory will always be in my heart and on my mind, along with his family.  Those memories of my teenage years spent with the May family are something I will never forget!  Cory was a big part of those great times and good memories!



Aunt Melissa
Cory, There are so many memories it is hard to know where to begin. I remember how wonderful it was to have you in our were a blessing.  You were this cute, sweet and loving little child that I was lucky enough to play with and care for.  Since you lived with us until you were 4, you were like the little brother I always wanted.  Little did I know how much I could truely love another human being.  You were the first person that I loved totally and unconditionally, different from the way you love your parents or siblings.  I remember how you used to call me Aunt Bawissa and some of the other funny things you would say.  I remember watching ET with you, I think 100 times.  When I was old enough to drive I took you places like the mall or to McDonalds.  You would sometimes call me and ask me about homework.  I used to go to your Karate practice and to a lot of your Hockey games at All American.  I remember how you used to spend the night at my house and when you were a little older you would stay and do jobs for us.  Whatever needed to be done, labeling boxes of gloves; I would pay you per box.  You cut the grass and even got the spots out of my carpet!! Anything for a buck!  I remember you coming to the hospital when Jacob and Elise were born and holding them.  When Elise was born you stayed with Mike and came with him to take us home from the hospital. You were so good with all the kids, they all adored you.  There would always be a little kid holding on to your leg or or jumping on you and you always went along with it! The memories just go on and on....I watched you grow from a colicky baby to a smart athletic kid to an amazing guy!  Oh Cory, what I wouldn't give to have you here with us again to keep the memories growing.
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